CANADA VS USA (Similarities and Differences)

Written on 07/27/2021
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The USA and Canada are two of the most similar countries in the world and they have always remained close friends while it comes to rating. There might be a little more different than you would expect. We are going to compare and contrast the USA versus Canada. This is an unbiased point of view and we will make it as educational as possible. So with that being said, let’s jump right in with the similarities.



Both the USA and Canada are in North America and are predominantly English speaking countries.

Both countries are huge in size, Canada is the world’s second largest and the US is a third with enormous size, with many of national parks and stunning natural beauty. In terms of the overall life on the streets and standard of living, everything there is pretty much the same.

The strip malls, the fast food joints, the retail shops, there’s almost no way to tell the difference.
Unless you see one of these, both the US and Canada have a tipping culture in restaurants where 15 to 20% is expected, so not surprisingly, you will find excellent customer service.

lastly, both nations are obsessed with sports. Both are very patriotic, influential and the religion they both practiced is predominantly Christian.


And that’s the wraps up on the key similarities.



Now, we can move onwards to the fun part, which is the differences. Despite being smaller in size, the US has a much more bigger population, the third highest in the world with 329 million residents. On the other hand, Canada is the world’s 39th most populous nation with 37 million people roughly the same size as California.

Canada is freezing and during the wintertime, there’s pretty much snows everywhere. The US also have some cold states, but many are set in warmer climates.
Right now, where we are in Arizona, about 20% of Canadians are native French speakers while 15% of Americans are native Spanish speakers.

Canadians are nicer people overall and it’s not only our opinion, just about every friendliest country ranking we found online has Canada listed in the top 10.

Canadians also have slightly different accents and different lingo than Americans. They also spell certain words differently than us, like color. While it comes to the center of attraction, in the world of sports, both countries like football, basketball, baseball, golf, soccer and lacrosse. But in Canada, nothing is bigger than hockey. They are the proud inventors of the sport and this is followed in every corner of the country. When it comes to food, Canada wins on routine bacon and maple syrup while the US wins in pizza, barbecue burgers and apple pie.

That may be certainly opinionated, but it’s honestly the truth. While both currencies are called the dollar, they’re actually quite different and only in the states you can find useless penny. Does anybody use pennies anymore these days in terms of political systems? The US and Canada both have democracies, but they function differently. The USA is led by a president and they have two major parties Democratic and Republican. In Canada, they’re led by a prime minister and they have four major parties and several smaller ones.

Lastly, another big difference is that Canadians get free health care for everyone and going to university is a lot cheaper than here in the US. That is the end of the Similarities and differences between U.S and Canada


We hope you guys found some of the information in this write-ups useful especially, if you’ve never been to North America before and you highly suggest coming there in no distant time.