7 Types of Travelers

Written on 06/07/2021
Black Traveler

So today, we're going to tell you guys about the seven types of travelers we have. 
1.Number one, the Traveler with a plan. 
This person has everything mapped out from before you even go, they have the tickets, they have the maps, they have the brochures, and they've done all the research to to spend hours beforehand, reading about the place they're going, reading about the things that they can see there, and all the opportunities and all the how tos. So when they get there, they  think it's annoying or not, you do tend to actually see more stuff when you travel this way. Despite the fact that we do try to plan out before we go, the Traveler with a plan is just so much more than important. 
2. The wow traveler. 
This is the person that no matter where they go, no matter what they do, they will be in a state of awe the entire time before the plan even lands. They are staring out the window and gawking at the scenery. Before you even get out of the airport. They're looking around. And they're just so fascinated by all the people and all the things. In fact, you probably spend a lot of that trip just standing and staring and wowing. The thing we love about the wild traveler is that they enjoy every single moment of that vacation. This is the type of person who usually doesn't get upset if things don't go right. 
They're just so amazed with everything that they can see. This is also the person that doesn't get down about bad weather that doesn't get down about getting lost because it doesn't matter where they are, and doesn't matter what they're doing. Or if they do the things that they wanted to do with the people around them, and  they literally will have fun no matter what. 
3. The amateur photographer traveler,
This is the person who has their camera or their cell phone out the entire time. Just cataloging everything, whether it's for an album that they're going to put together for somebody or whether it's just for Facebook or just for themselves. They are taking pictures of literally everything.
you see the buildings, the people, the scenery, the animals, the food, everything, there's not a single thing from this trip that that person's not going to have on their camera. And there are a lot of people who fall into this category or just on the outskirts of this category. And that's  where tourists have such a big name about the cameras. The thing is that you would actually remember a lot of that vacation if you take pictures of it, recommendation is moderation. 
4. The amateur photographer traveler
knows no such word number for that. Why isn't this normal traveler. Now this person goes on vacations and probably says they like to go on vacations and go to new places. But when they get there, they expect everything to be exactly like it was at their home, they arrive at a new place. And the street signs are different. And that's the first thing they notice. Why is the street scene so weird, they arrive at the hotel and the checking policy is a little bit different, or the showerhead in the shower is a little bit different. And they're not really happy with that. Basically, you spent a lot of your time when you travel with these people. Just hearing complaints about everything around you. The food tastes weird, or the shops are weird, or people dress weird or everything is just so weird. We're not talking about the people who point out the differences because one of my favorite things to do. when we travel we find the differences and the things that we were not expecting to see. But this person is looking at all the differences as something that is wrong. It  makes you wonder why the person left their home in the first place. 
5. The budget traveler,
The budget traveler is the most frugal one in the group. They're the ones who are not going to do anything when they travel. Unless it's the cheapest possible option. Probably, want to get lunch? There's actually a cheaper restaurant like a mile back socialist walk and  there drinks? Is there  a buy one get one type of deal here?  long lost ruins of an ancient historical treasure. Does it cost anything to see, all kidding aside, the budget traveler will find deals and free stuff like you didn't even know  existed. If you're not looking for it, you'll miss it and the budget traveler is looking for it. 
6. The lost traveler,
they get to a new place and they step off the plane and they have no clue what they're doing or how to do it. They've done no research, they have no idea what they want to do. And they are very, uncomfortable in the new place that they've chosen to go. If you travel with the lost traveler, you probably better have a traveler with a plan and your group as well. Definitely, do not expect them to be any help when it comes to finding public transportation, finding your hotel, finding things to do and of course, figuring out how to do things. 
7. And number seven, the let's do it traveler. 
This is the person who will do literally anything that they get the opportunity to do while they arrive in a new place and they see a brochure or someone suggests something and they are 100% ready and willing to do that. 
They probably don't even have a plan before they go to that place. They just arrive and then they see stuff and they try them. Sometimes, they  even do things that probably aren't even very safe. Like there's a dangerous rockcliffe. But it's probably really pretty down at the bottom. Let's climb down it or here's a little path off of the main trail that we think probably is really cool. And it looks like people from here do it all the time. So let's just try it literally  about doing or trying anything in this new place. And if you happen to go on a trip with a let's do it traveler, you're probably going to find yourself in some really unusual situations. So there you have it.